Structured Improvement with Strategy - SI4wS - The G-C-E-C-P-C methodology of root cause elimination was designed with the purpose, to provide a toolset to production technicians, process owners, quality engineers and to teams involved in continuous improvement projects in a manufacturing and/or production environment.

Main task in companies nowadays is, to make the quality and manufacturing technician to a "real" process owner and equipment owner, fully responsible for the technical condition of “his/her” machine and for the product “he/she” produces.

To teach the employee in understanding and using tools for failure description, data collection, failure analysis and root cause elimination and also to make the employee understanding of the need to carry out process control tasks is required.

Process control needs to be carried out without the direct order given by superiors, supervisors and quality engineers. To make this to a fix element of our working culture, takes more and more part inside companies employee training and education projects.

We are sourrounded by processes in our daily life. Cooking dinner is a process and this large process we will break down into small steps to get the best result out of it. The larger process will be prepare for dinner, splited in processes like: make shopping list, buy stuff, bring home, prepare, clean,.... and a very small process will be cut some bread for our dinner. It is the same for repairing a car and also for doing any kind of business. You just need to know how to break down a large process into its steps.

As smaler each step is as more accurate your observation will be, as easier to understand the process will be and it will be also a lot easier to teach somebody else the "how to do" or to find the problem inside a process.

Structured Improvement with Strategy - SI4wS - The G-C-E-C-P-C methodology of root cause elimination and all includet statistical tools will help you to discover processes arround you in your daily life and to achieve your goals and to accomplish your missions.
If you want me to be just a small part on your journey discovering and describing processes, just let me know.

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